Preasure Washing & Parking Lot Sweeping

More Than Just Cleaning
Customers frequently ask me about the benefits of pressure washing. Pressure washing uses high-pressure water spray to assist in the deep cleaning of your home or business. It can be used to clean aluminum siding, concrete and wooden surfaces. There are three main benefits associated with pressure washing: Preventative Maintenance, Curb Appeal, and Health and Safety.

Preventative Maintenance
The main reason to have your home pressure washed is to save money on costly future repairs. Pressure washing should be a regularly scheduled home maintenance event, just like gutter cleaning or fertilizer application. Unfortunately, preventative maintenance is not always a top priority to the homeowner. When done at least once a year, pressure washing can help eliminate contaminants that contribute to rot, decay and premature aging of the home. To put it simply, pressure washing can add years of life to your property.

Curb Appeal
Another great reason to have your home pressure washed is aesthetic attractiveness. A home is a major financial commitment and you want it to look good. Obviously, stains and mildew on a home can be a depressing sight. Customers who were originally looking to repaint or replace these areas are always amazed at the results and savings after a thorough pressure washing. Additionally, for those looking to sell their home, consider the importance of curb appeal. A good first impression can add as much as 5-10% to the value of the home. Pressure washing is one of the most affordable ways to increase your home’s value.

Health and Safety
There are contaminants all around us that pose risks to our health, including dirt, mold, mildew and oil. Pressure washing can help protect your family from the intrusion of these outside allergens. Mildew and algae have a tendency to grow on the damp and shadowed sidewalks surrounding your home, especially in tree covered areas. Removing oil, mildew and algae from walkways can help protect your family and visitors from injuries caused by slipping and falling.
Benefits Parking lot sweeping and Maintenance
Discourages Littering: People are less likely to throw trash on the ground in a clean parking lot; the dirtier the area, the less remorse people have about littering.
Minimizes Pollution: Removing trash prevents it from being washed into stormwater runoff, and eventually, to our drinking and recreational water.
Prevents Erosion: Debris will eventually break down the pavement of your parking lot and plants will begin to grow in the cracks. This is far more expensive to fix than a regular parking lot cleaning service.
Deters Rodents: The accumulation of trash becomes a feeding ground for disease-ridden rodents and other animals. These animals are unsanitary and can be dangerous.
Avoids Lawsuits: Large debris can cause injuries to your customers, as well as damage to their cars and tires. In addition to losing valuable customers, you could wind up with lawsuits and liability claims against you