Parking Lot Sweeping & Pressure Washing

Sweeping for all of your property maintenance needs. We service commercial, industrial and retail lots and provide everything from street and parking lot sweeping to power and pressure washing in Reno, NV. Customers count on us to deliver outstanding results on a consistent, reliable basis at a price they can afford. Our services include:

Parking lot sweeping: 

Your parking lot and the exterior of your building are the first things your customers see when they arrive at your business. Parking lots require regular cleaning and maintenance to look well-kept and professional. From leaves and dirt to trash and debris, a parking area can very quickly become unsightly. 

 Street sweeping: 

Schedule periodic street sweeping services with our professional property maintenance company. Whether you need daily, weekly or even monthly street sweeping, we’ll provide top-notch service for your commercial or industrial property.

 Pressure washing: 

Stains can build up over time on your surfaces and be difficult to remove. Leave it to us. Using state of the art equipment, we’ll provide efficient and thorough results.

 Power blowing: 

The weather elements can kick up a lot of debris that can leave your property a mess. Whether you’re dealing with leaves or twigs or pollen, we’ll clean the

lot with our power blowing tools, leaving it looking brand new.

Construction cleanup: 

Construction can cause a mess with scraps and other debris left over after the work is done. Let us come in and provide top-level construction cleanup in Reno, NV. We’ll make sure your lot is thorough and professionally cleaned.